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The fun of a business thriller


Could we use storytelling more often to transfer knowledge and experience?

There is one thing both of us love doing: buying and reading books. The stacks of books we own deal with creativity, strategy, future, innovation and learning. And naturally they are also about inspiring outliers, misfits and rebels. A favorite book this vacation was the new one by Marty Neumeier ‘Scramble', a fictional account of a young CEO in trouble. A business thriller, that sounds like a new book genre! Perfect for our constant desire for new knowledge, insights and inspiration.

It shows the intensity and complexity of developing a business strategy in today's world through the eyes of David. The tools at the heart of this book are the five Qs of strategy (critical questions) and the five Ps of design thinking (problematizing, pinballing, probing, prototyping, proofing). These make up the basic principles of Agile Strategy - a faster, more collaborative approach to transforming business. Neumeier sees organizations as living ecosystems that respond to a passionate purpose and focused creativity. It’s a very exciting read about the experience of adopting a new collaborative approach: the emotions, obstacles, setbacks and relentless pressures.
Spoiler alert: the hero David finds a way out and we learn from his story.

How do you use critical questions and creativity for your business strategy development?

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