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Increased creativity at SimpliFlying


Working too many hours can be counter-productive. How can we work less, and be more productive and innovative?

SimpliFlying, an US based global aviation start-up, recently experimented with mandatory vacation time: one week off every seven weeks. Since many of us are guilty of still checking email when out of the office, this experiment was not just about taking more vacation. It was about really being away from work. When a SimpliFlying employee got in touch with the office during their vacation, they didn’t get paid for that vacation week.

The results are described in a Harvard Business Review article by Neil Pasricha, director of the Institute for Global Happiness, and Shashank Nigam, CEO of SimpliFlying. After 12 weeks of experimentation, Pasricha and Nigam had managers rate employee productivity, creativity, and happiness levels. As it turns out, creativity rose 33%, happiness levels rose 25%, and productivity rose 13% from before the experiment.

Are you using your vacation policies and work values to stimulate creativity in your organization? How often do you really take a break from work?

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