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Inspiring transformation through creative interventions


‘Start with the end in mind’ and first imagine the most desirable outcome of your question.

It sounds easy, but can be very difficult. Especially when the question is so complex that it already proves to be a challenge to understand what the real question is. Making use of creative interventions provides new insights into these so called wicked challenges and the way to move forward.

On January 29, 2019 we’ll go outside of our comfort zones to explore how dancing can inspire transformation. Peter Rombouts of Masters of Movement will join us and we will share the learnings of our collaboration on addressing three wicked challenges in the Erasmus Summer School. What are wicked challenges? And how can an unusual approach such as dancing emerging futures help in addressing them? Finally, you will have the opportunity to provide us with one of your own wicked challenges, and Peter will select two of those so we can experience together how it works. Peter will do the dancing but all of us will see how this provides new answers.

We kick off at 15.00 sharp
and round off with drinks around 18.00.
Location: Amsterdam – still to be decided where
This session is open to 15 people only.

Do you want to participate? Please confirm your interest by mail to info@caracta.comand tell us for which kind of complex strategic question you would like new insights. We will let you know as soon as possible if you can join us. We’re looking forward to seeing you again!

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