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Re-imagining (engineering) education


How to re-invent yourself to remain state of the art?

MIT has recently launched their “Global state of the art in engineering education”, a future exploration based on interviews with 178 thought leaders and case studies from four different universities (including TU Delft). In it they look at the changing landscape of their world and potential future directions for engineering education.

The MIT report makes for interesting reading material, not just for those of us who lead engineering schools but for all of us who are interested in personal development. According to MIT the future of education is student-centric, combining on-campus hands-on experimental learning with off-campus personalized online learning. An example is SCU Engineering in Australia, a program that starts with 18 months on-campus followed by 4 years off-campus, work-based learning with engineering knowledge and skills delivered online and accessed by students as and when they need it. Personalized learning on the job, practicing with real challenges is the future according to MIT.

What do the learning programs within your organization look like? Do they result in both personal development and new insights into strategic challenges?

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