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Future directions for V-fonds


Should the leadership team develop a vision for the future or should you involve others as well?

When you ask people what it takes to develop a vision for the future, they don’t often answer it should be a group process. A common fear is that a participatory process slows you down and because of all the compromises results in a lack of focus. A recent creative session we facilitated for V-Fonds (the Veterans Funds in The Netherlands) reminded us that the opposite can be true as well. V-Fonds is moving from Den Bosch to Utrecht, and their new location offers all sorts of possibilities for new activities. In one afternoon, 3 people from V-fonds and about 15 of their stakeholders, came up with a very clear direction for the future.  Naturally, you need to prepare the session carefully and design it to make the most out of all the different talents in the room. In this case, we started with three rough directions using examples from other industries and used our time exploring what these directions could look like for V-Fonds. In just a few hours V-Fonds went further than they could have gone alone!

Did you engage your stakeholders when you developed your future direction?
And do you feel you can go further alone or together?

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