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Creating a better future


Board members share a desire to humanize their corporations by re-designing the system, but how can they do this?

On April 19 the INSEAD Directors Netwerk session on humanizing the corporation that we organized together with IN-Board took place. Almost 100 directors listened to the insights of the CEO’s of Randstad, de Volksbank and Maastricht UMC+, and shared their own stories in very lively round table discussions. Jaap Winter and Ludo van der Heijden from INSEAD facilitated the session, and asked the audience: does humanizing the corporation require a little tweaking or a re-design of the current system? The vast majority agreed that we need a fundamental change, but how? Jacques van de Broek, CEO of Randstad provided the answer: “We need to deal with uncertainty by riding the learning curve: experiment, focus, proof, scale-up”. Let’s start an innovation lab to create experiments on how to humanize the corporation!

Do you want to find out more about this topic and receive the discussion paper that the INSEAD corporate governance center published for this event? Let us know at info@caracta.com.

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