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Purpose as a moral compass


How do you change your perspective on values?

On November 27th we organized a dinner with fellow board members on the topic of personal reputation. Many feel that they run a higher risk now that board work is under a magnifying glass. Paul Stamsnijder, reputation expert and writer of the book ‘Purpose, a story of morals’ started our dinner discussions by explaining that the personal has become public. Navigating today’s complexity requires a strong moral compass. As a board member you always need to be prepared to defend your personal choices.

Because of this personal angle, we ended up with a very profound discussion. You could very well end up with the same result if you introduce the question ‘what is your moral compass’ at your own Christmas dinner.

Do you want to discuss the role of purpose for your business? Please call us or contact us by mail at info@caracta.com to plan a meeting in 2020.

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