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Walking with destiny


What is inspiring about Churchill’s purpose?

Churchill’s biography ‘Walking with destiny’ by Andrew Roberts is interesting reading material when you’re reflecting on your personal purpose. When you’re in the process of rediscovering your intrinsic motivation you often get the advice to think back to your childhood – what really made you happy in your youth?

Few of us probably already felt a clear destiny at that age, but Roberts’ chose this title because he feels that ‘above all Churchill was a man of destiny, primarily because he believed himself to be one.’ In his book he describes a conversation Churchill had as a 16-year old schoolboy at Harrow with a former classmate. He foresaw great upheavals and ‘wars such as one cannot imagine’, and predicted London would be in danger. Churchill said ‘it will fall to me to save the capital and save the empire’. His book inspires you to reflect not only on your own destiny but also about the challenges leaders face today--and the fundamental values of courage, tenacity, leadership and moral conviction.

Do you also have a wish list of books to read during the holidays? Reading books makes both of us very happy, and according to this article we’re not alone. Reading improves our empathy, helps reduce stress, opens our minds, makes us sleep better (really?), improves interpersonal relationships, helps us deal with uncertainty and accept change more readily (science fiction in particular!). No wonder 76% of adults in one of the surveys quoted said reading improves their life and helps them to make them feel good. Do you need any more reasons to forget about business books during the holidays and focus on reading fiction and maybe Churchill’s biography?

What are you planning to read during the holidays? And how do you feel books improve your life?

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