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Innovation in the Boardroom


An INSEAD Webinar for IDN members:
Thursday October 9 a webinar with Fennemiek Gommer. 

For those of you who are IDN members: please join Fennemiek Gommer in the INSEAD webinar Thursday October 9 to discuss how innovation and business transformation also disrupt boards and how to make your board future-fit.

Not an INSEAD alumnus but curious to learn more? This article shares the results of an INSEAD research on the same topic. What makes it valuable is the list of concrete best practices on how other boards have transformed themselves, for example by engaging in strategic dialogue with young talents, changing the board agenda to focus 50% on future challenges & opportunities and by earmarking resources for the three innovation horizons.

Do you want to discuss how this can apply to your situation? Please call us or contact us by mail at info@caracta.com to plan a meeting.

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