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Looking for leaders willing to challenge us


'Open up the windows in the boardroom' - that’s the advice of a group of directors in the Financieel Dagblad (Dutch FT) for Pauline van der Meer Mohr.

She is the new president of the commission that monitors the corporate governance code in The Netherlands. The directors feel board members need to be more in touch with the world around them, and encourage greater diversity in their boards. Naturally, we completely agree with this advice. However, acting as board-members ourselves, we have also often wondered if the nature of board-work allows for great diversity. Supervision requires a basic understanding and interest in the ‘risk-management’ side of business that fits a more left-brain control orientation. The recent call for curiosity, empathy and innovation in the boardroom requires more right-brain thinking, while few people have developed both sides of their brain. Is it feasible to have one team for both board tasks? Or do you need to organize the desired fresh air in the boardroom in another way?

We’re ready to launch a new initiative that offers a solution for this, but before we do we’d like to be challenged on our thinking. Are you one of those directors that feel their board could use more diversity and inspiration? And would you like to help us improve our offer? Please confirm your interest by mail to info@caracta.com and we’ll invite you to a private dinner together with a few others. We promise to use you not only as our sounding board but make it an enjoyable evening for you as well!

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