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Long-term value creation – economic & societal


Do you have a sustainable strategy or a sustainability strategy?

The drive for profit optimisation has resulted in a short-term orientation and a lack of sustainable growth. Helping leadership teams think and act from a long-term perspective is the core of our work – both as consultants and as non-executive directors. But how do you supervise long-term value creation and societal impact?

Exactly for this question Marjolein Baghuis, who wrote a book about sustainability & governance, approached us for an interview about the long-term perspective at Triade-Vitree. As often happens when you take time to reflect, and have your opinions challenged by an outsider, this led to a new insight. Even though we focus on creating sustainable strategies – we never thought of ourselves as sustainability experts. Unfortunately, sustainability is often thought of in a narrow way – linking it to a better environment for example and developing a sustainability strategy to reduce CO2 emissions. The risk then becomes that the strategy is not connected to the core purpose and business of the company – which would increase the impact.

What is your interpretation of sustainability? Do you have a separate strategy for it or is it connected to your overall future direction?

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