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Learning to address complexity at Erasmus


Would positioning all future consultancy projects as learning programs lead to better results?

We recently concluded a Health Summer School Program for Erasmus University Rotterdam. In two intensive days three teams from Univé, Zorgspectrum and the Ministry of Health, Well-being and Sport worked on their future related wicked problems such as ‘How can elderly people remain to be a part of the local community?’.

We designed the program and added some unusual team-members. After two days all teams had created different experiments to try out in practice. When we came back to evaluate after 4 months it was truly amazing to see how far the three organizations had advanced. It gave us new insight into the importance of ownership and leadership.

“Effectiveness = Quality x Acceptance” is a well-known formula from the consultancy world. Without engaging the people who will need to implement your future direction you’re doomed to fail. Ownership of all involved is key. Since the future direction solutions in the Erasmus program were developed in a school setting the ownership was greater than anything we’ve ever seen in a consultancy project.

Have you thought about how framing your own projects in a different way could increase the effect?

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