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What we do


As innovation partners, we help you make the most of the opportunities that the future brings and inspire innovation in your company. For this, your purpose and values are the foundation, while developing future thinking skills in your team is a prerequisite for a sustainable innovation culture.

renew your purpose and values to accelerate transformation

Brand foundation

Do you think your brand could do better at inspiring innovation? Do you want to find out more about our unconventional approach applying fresh perspectives, creative interventions and unusual experts?
Caracta partners with you to define your purpose and values, providing the foundations for your brand positioning, future strategy and innovation culture.

You should limit your brand. That’s the essence of branding. Your brand has to stand for something both simple and narrow in the mind.

Al Ries

explore and create new possible futures to inspire growth

Business innovation

Are you considering re-inventing your business model and exploring new futures? 
Do you want to find out more about our unconventional approach applying fresh perspectives, creative interventions and unusual experts?
Caracta partners with you to explore and create new futures and helps you identify which transformation is needed to move in that direction. 

Any corporation needs to do two basic things. It must exploit what is and create what is not (yet).

Jonas Ridderstråle & Kjell Nordström

embrace future thinking and uncover innovation opportunities

Boardroom Oxygen

Do you want to spend more time thinking about the future of your business? Would you like to learn how to apply future thinking and gain unexpected perspectives?
Boardroom Oxygen enables you to shape your company’s future by developing new ways of thinking and doing. Discover how our creative labs and interventions stimulate you and your leadership team to embrace future thinking and provide you with fresh insights and inspiration.

Why Boardroom Oxygen?

Get an energy boost

Dealing with the complexity of today’s business environment can keep you busy all day. When did you last allow yourself to step back and take a breath of fresh air? Boardroom Oxygen provides you with new insights, unusual inspiration and fun interactions. 

Open your eyes to the future

Seeing the world from the perspective of the boardroom puts you at risk of living in a bubble. How do you stay in touch with the undercurrents of society and emerging trends? Boardroom Oxygen designs eye-opening interventions that help future-proof your business. 

Use your whole-brain potential

Exploring and designing the future calls for emotional and creative intelligence. What do you do to stimulate the right-brain skills of your team? Boardroom Oxygen encourages whole-brain thinking to address today’s complexity and identify future business opportunities.

Change the way you learn

Adapting to a changing world requires a culture of non-stop learning and innovation. Do you lead the way by daring to step out of your comfort zone once in a while? Boardroom Oxygen lets you experience the value of learning by experimenting. 

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

Marcel Proust

Sparking new energy

Our short programs

Boardroom Oxygen offers a selection of short programs designed to inspire future thinking and provide insights on where to go next. To ensure that these innovative programs are relevant for the boardroom, we make use of our own experience as board members as well as our creative expertise.

Pop-up future thinking labs

A one-day program where you learn to shape the future. We explore possible new futures, imagine what your business might ideally look like, and identify the transformation that is needed in order to realize the desired future.

We end the day with a short evaluation: what was the value of the new ways of thinking and doing? What are the lessons we learned for the future? What are the next steps we will need to take?

Unusual dialogues

How often do you connect with people who are not part of your own immediate circle? We organize interactions that are designed to enlarge your comfort zone and allow you to open your eyes to other perspectives. Our unusual dialogues inspire curiosity and empathy, and provide new insights into key stakeholders or strategic questions.

Custom programs

What are the challenges facing your leadership team? What is the transformation you wish to realize? What kind of energy and inspiration are you looking for? Starting with the answers to these questions, we create tailor-made approaches, varying from micro-interventions that last only ten minutes to continuous inspiration programs.

Innovation committees

A group of ‘outside the box’ thinkers from uncommon backgrounds that regularly challenges and inspires the board of directors.

Just like the audit committee increases the quality of financial responsibility, the innovation committee helps the board of directors improve their future thinking and innovation impact. We help set up innovation committees of unusual suspects in order to increase the level of creativity, diversity, and human-centered thinking within your boardroom.

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