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The foundation


Our purpose is to inspire progress by helping ambitious leaders apply and embrace future thinking. Our creative approach is based on the following guiding principles:

  • Lead with creative courage

    Each innovation process deals with uncertainty, ambiguity and confusion. To come up with new solutions you need to risk giving up your comfort zone, dare to break conventions and allow yourself to make mistakes. We encourage you to lead with creative courage, be honest with yourself and embrace the unknown.

  • Identify your true purpose

    Being able to re-invent yourself is all about true purpose. Break-through ideas are a result of the intrinsic motivation to make this world a better place. We help you identify the shared purpose and values of your organization to accelerate transformation.

  • Apply whole-brain thinking

    Innovators analyze the question behind the question and use their creative and emotional intelligence to develop new solutions. We help you apply a creative approach and innovator’s toolbox to your business challenges.

  • Start with visualizing your desired future

    Business renewal starts with imagining how you would like the future to be; what does good look like? We help you create a shared vision of your desired destination so that you can then design the road to get there.

  • Create the right team for each challenge

    Innovation is a team effort and casting the right people for each project is a prerequisite for success. We celebrate diversity and co-create solutions by combining insiders with outsiders, big-picture perspectives with niche expertise, and unusual thinkers with creative makers.

  • Keep up your momentum

    Creative processes are iterative; generate lots of rough ideas, select the most promising ones, learn from prototyping, adjust and keep on improving. We encourage you to stay agile, to continue to ideate and experiment and to always ask yourself: how could I do this better?

  • Engage and empower people

    Human-centered innovation starts with understanding the motivations and frustrations of the people involved by walking in their shoes and inviting them to co-create. We use creative tools to strengthen your empathy and help you engage and empower the people around you.

  • Stay curious as long as you live

    Creative people are interested in the world around them, always looking for new ideas and open for unusual experiences. They never stop learning. We stimulate teams to adapt a similar type of growth mindset by sparking their curiosity and experiencing the joy of developing new attitudes and skills.

  • Allow yourself time to play

    Innovators use playing to foster their creative thinking and entrepreneurial outlook. We design play-like activities to create psychological safe spaces where it’s ok to fail and people are more open to explore the unknown. Playing is a fun way to generate more creative insights.

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