‘Before it took us 6 months to go from insights to ideas to qualitatively tested concepts - Caracta was able to this all in one week with the same, if not better, results.’

Mattias Ostlund, Global Brand Director, Libresse

‘So many innovation sessions are creative and fun, but when you look back at the results there isn’t really so much you can actually use. Caracta combines high creativity with structure and boundaries to make sure the right ideas come out.’

Jacqueline van Marle, International Marketing, De Haagse Hogeschool

‘Caracta isn't just about coming up with the right ideas for the consumer, but also the right ideas for the organisation to encourage the team to bring them to life.’

Oscar Ayala, Category Marketing Manager, TENA

‘Caracta looks at positioning and growth from a genuine understanding of the business context so you know that the solutions they propose have been well thought through’

Mechteld van der Westen, Programme Manager Intertrust Rebranding