These are the kind of questions we like to work on with you:

Our vision has ended up being very generic. How do we get the sparkle back and make sure it feels like ours?

Growth by Mergers and Acquisitions is a game we play really well but how should we go about creating organic growth?

We know what future direction we would like to take, but how do we know if it is a good bet? How do we get the balance right between ambition and realism in our positioning?

We have one product that earns us great margins but we need another cash-cow to fund our growth ambitions, what kind of innovation do we need to create?

Our audience used to be simple to understand, now we feel like we are buried under piles of research and yet we have lost touch with consumers. What do we need to do to get our focus back?

Our brand is getting a bit old and tired, how do we keep our business alive by refreshing it, without frightening away our core audience?

We have always been the 2nd or 3rd by market share, now we would like to focus on a few markets and move to the 1st or 2nd position. What will it take to get there?