'Creativity is intelligence having fun' Albert Einstein

We believe everyone has the potential to develop their creative intelligence. And why wouldn’t you want to become more creative? You can use it to design the perfect future (for your company or for your own life), to develop creative solutions for complex problems and to playfully discover new perspectives.

Creativity & Leadership Learning Lab
A one day session for senior executives and specialists to develop the ability to apply creativity to business challenges.

We use the 5 Metaskills of Marty Neumeier as a framework:
FEELING – the skills we need to truly understand the needs of others
SEEING – the skills we need to open our eyes to the world around us and identify new opportunities
DREAMING - the skills we need to imagine possible futures and come up with innovative solutions
MAKING – the skills we need for concept development and creating mock-ups to test new ideas
LEARNING - the main skills we need to continuously improve ourselves

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