Caracta is an international boutique consultancy working out of Amsterdam and led by Fennemiek Gommer and Anne Mieke Eggenkamp. We partner with leaders who strive to take their organizations to the next level. Our clients rely on our broad experience, creative intelligence and extensive international network to address their future matters.

Fennemiek Gommer studied mathematics in the USA and ended up with Italian, Dutch and French degrees in design thinking, brand strategy and business. Applying an international perspective and whole-brain approach to business challenges for the future has been her purpose ever since. She has more than 25 years of experience working with clients from various cultures and industries on future direction, positioning and innovation. People value her for her smart analysis, innovative thinking and her ability to engage multicultural teams in exploring possible futures.

Anne Mieke Eggenkamp opted for an education in design and teaching, an unusual choice given her entrepreneurial background and talent for technology. Her passion is to apply creative thinking and action to explore possible futures and develop the learning potential of people and organizations. People value her for her conceptual thinking, her ability to make it happen and the unusual connections she creates between different people and seemingly unrelated fields of knowledge.

Both of them serve as non-executive directors on various boards and are much sought-after speakers on topics related to possible futures and the role of creative thinking and acting for leaders.

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