We work closely with you to frame your question and design the right process. Our key principles are:

1. Engage
We start by understanding you, your people and the business you’re in. We will help you map out your purpose and values, explore relevant trends and developments and identify client needs.

2. Envision
We help you imagine the possible futures for your organisation. We work in dedicated teams, using creative intelligence and outsiders to stimulate fresh thinking.

3. Explore
We explore the consequences of the new future directions with your key stakeholders. Which innovations are needed to move in that direction? We help you decide which solution is most relevant for your clients and best fits your purpose and values.

4. Experiment
We help you set up experiments to test the new direction. We generate new insights for implementation by rapid prototyping.

5. Evaluate
We evaluate the why, the how and the what of the project. We collectively learn, adjust and improve.